Overview of Markets

Learn how to find details on the supported lending markets on Spark.

The Markets page displays an overview of the state of the protocol and the supported assets. The displayed data is specific to the selected network, so if you wish to browse another network, use the network toggle in the top right hand corner.

The Markets page displays:

  • The total market size

  • Total value locked (TVL)

  • Total available liquidity that can be borrowed

  • Total borrow amount

In the section below it displays the following data for each supported asset:

  • Total amount supplied

  • Deposit APY

  • Total amount borrowed

  • Borrow APY

  • Status, which indicates certain risk modes for the assets:

    • Can it be supplied or not

    • Can it be used as collateral or not

    • Can it be borrowed or not, or is it in Silo Mode (read more here).

For each asset you can click on the details button to get a more in-depth overview of the metrics for the asset, and its parameters, such as liquidation threshold and penalty, and whether the asset can be used in E-mode. It also displays a more indepth overview of the interest rate model for the asset. You are also able to deposit or borrow the asset directly from this page, using the sidebar on the right.

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