Welcome to Spark!

The next-gen DeFi infrastructure for DAI.

Spark is on a mission to empower the DAI ecosystem, as part of the MakerDAO community.

DeFi Infrastructure

  • SparkLend: The DAI centric money market protocol. Combining the best liquidity directly from Maker and vertically integrating with the best DeFi protocols.

  • sDAI is a yield bearing stablecoin, representing DAI in the Dai Savings Rate (DSR) module, which distributes revenue from the Maker protocol to DAI holders.

  • SparkConduits allow for direct liquidity from Maker to protocols as part of the overall Maker Allocation System.

Learn how to use the Spark App here.

Spark is a Maker Allocator SubDAO that owns and manages Spark through decentralized governance.

The IP in this repository was assigned to Mars SPC Limited in respect of the MarsOne SP

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