Borrow Assets

Learn how to borrow non Dai assets, and how to use E-mode.

In order to borrow assets, you must first deposit assets as collateral. Click here for a step by step deposit guide.

If you wish to borrow Dai you can use the Easy Borrow Flow on the Borrow page.

  1. To borrow assets navigate to the Dashboard page and scroll down to the Borrow section.

  2. The Borrow section shows the following information:

    • The assets that can be borrowed

    • The available liquidity that can be borrowed

    • Your current borrow amount

    • The current borrow interest rate for the specific asset

  3. You can borrow an asset by navigating to the asset row, and clicking Borrow.

  4. In the Borrow window you specify the amount you wish to borrow. In the Transaction overview it will display the Health Factor of the borrow position. The Actions section will guide you through the steps to create the borrow position.

  5. Once you have done all the necessary transactions, you will receive the borrowed assets. Your overall position will be updated, which is reflected in the Health Factor and overview in Your position.

  6. If you wish to borrow more assets at a later stage, you simply repeat this process.

For more information on the borrow mechanics, see the SparkLend borrowing documentation.

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