Spark App User Guide

Learn how to use the Spark App

This tutorial will guide you through how to use the Spark App to borrow Dai and other assets, to lend assets in lending pools, and earn the Dai Savings Rate using sDAI.

Getting Started

The Spark App can be accessed at:

To enter the site, you must accept the Terms of Service.

Application Overview

The Spark App consists of four main sections:

  1. Borrow - The landing page of the application hosts the Easy Borrow Flow, which enables you to borrow Dai using crypto assets as collateral. This section is focused on Dai borrowing only.

  2. Dashboard - Shows the state of your borrow and lending position. On the Dashboard you can also manage lending and borrow positions of any supported asset.

  3. Cash & Savings - Enables you to deposit stablecoins to earn savings such as Savings Dai (sDAI)

  4. Markets - Gives an overview of the total state of the supported lending markets, such as total liquidity and total borrows. Offers detailed information for each market, and the option to enter the markets.

The following guides will go into more detail for each section.

Connecting Your Wallet

In order to access the Spark App you must connect a crypto wallet. You do so, by clicking “Connect wallet” in the top right corner of the app, select your wallet of choice, and finalize the connection process for the specific wallet. E.g. when selecting MetaMask, you will be prompted to log in to your MetaMask wallet through the browser extension.

Selecting Network

Make sure you are connected to the desired blockchain network.

In the top right corner, you are able change between blockchain networks supported by Spark. The current supported networks are Ethereum Mainnet and Gnosis Chain. You can find an overview of what assets are supported on which network on the “Markets” page.

Sandbox Mode

If you wish to test out the Spark Application you can click on the three dots (…) next to Connect Wallet and click on the Sandbox mode. This will give you access to a newly generated test wallet with test funds on a test network, giving you the option to familiarize yourself with the application before spending any real funds.

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