High Efficiency Mode (E-mode)

The E-mode feature maximizes capital efficiency when collateral and borrowed assets have correlated prices. For example, sDAI, USDC, USDT are all stablecoins pegged to USD. These stablecoins are all within the same E-mode category. Accordingly, a user supplying sDAI in E-mode will have higher collateralization power when borrowing assets like USDC or USDT.

Only assets of the same category (for example stablecoins) can be borrowed in E-mode.

E-mode does not restrict the usage of other assets as collateral. Assets outside of the E-mode category can still be supplied as collateral with normal LTV and liquidation parameters.

How do I enter E-mode?

To enter E-mode from the dashboard, toggle to the dropdown menu under the “"Your Borrows”" where you will find an “Enable E-mode” button. Initially, the button to enable E-mode will indicate that E-mode is “disabled.” Click “Enable E-mode" ” and follow the instructions in the pop-up. Once you have followed the instructions, you will have enhanced borrowing power (i.e., up to 97% LTV) within E-mode and can only borrow assets within the same category of assets (for example, stablecoins).

How do I exit E-mode?

To exit E-mode, select “"Disable E-mode”" from the dropdown under the “Your Borrows” section. Follow the instructions in the pop-up to exit E-mode.

How does E-mode affect my borrowing power?

When E-mode is enabled, you will have higher borrowing power over assets of the same E-mode category.

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